Sep 11, 2009

My Health Master Food Emulsifier Will Be in Every Kitchen!

Guaranteed the food emulsifier will be in every kitchen by next year. This thing saves you a lot of money. It can make you hot soups, or even cold ice creams or sorbets. How does it do this? By a revolutionary knew system, its about the way the blade spins, and the way it creates a kind of food pulverizing tornado, that has the power to make juices, and completely liquify even your favorite fruits and vegetables. This is an amazing product and i Personally Guarantee you will be happy with it. This is one of the best products of 2009. Embrace it! Start saving money, and eating healthy today!

Aug 21, 2009

Montel my favorite pothead presents MyHealthMaster!

This thing s great it is like a blender, and it even looks like a blender but actually it is a food pulverizer that can make really delicious soups, ice cream, fruit/vegetable combinations to make juice...It actually liquifies it and because of its friction technology it can make very delicious soups....This product is a must have in every kitchen....its safe, the kids can do it. It also cleans very easily in the dish washer. This thing will lower your cost for name brand foods and actually taste better because your not getting it from a can or jar, you just throw it in, and let it spin! Mr. T also has a kitchen product out called the flavor wave. Super quick microwave with fans basically, that is nothing compared to the MyHealthMaster! You can pick one up by going to

This is like super easy to use i cant believe how much healthier i eat and actually how well it tastes! Great job montell i want to get one for all of my friends and family! Great product 2 thumbs up!

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