May 20, 2010

Montel's Living Well Pressure Cooker

Montel's Living Well Pressure Cooker, is the most advanced, safe, and easy to use Pressure Cooker on the market! Get healthy, gain vitality, and even lose weight using the most cutting edge pressure cooker on the market! This pressure cooker does the work of 8 kitchen appliances in one including: Pressure cooker, Sauce pan, Slow cooker, Rice cooker, Stock pot, and Brazier! It has a built in function that keeps your food warm all day so that you can set your food to be cooked before you leave for work, and when its done cooking it will be sealed and kept warm for you all day until you return to eat your delicious creation. It has a non-stick removable cooking pot insert so that you can remove it and stick it in your dishwasher very easily. This makes clean up a breeze! This device is an Energy Saver as well because of the low amount of time it takes to cook food that would usually take 4-6 hours to make in a conventional cooker! You will have Hearty and Wholesome meals in 70% of the time! I have made a delicious Pot roast that usually takes 4 hours, in about 45 minutes! It tastes like I was working in the kitchen all day to create it! The Pressure Cooker also has 7 built in safety functions which include: Safety Lid, Pressure control sensor, automatic temperature sensor, pressure limit safety control, clog prevention device, relief safety valve, and maximum temperature shut off. When you pay less at Grocery store and get the Budget meat cuts they still come out tasting great in this wonderful device. Feed a family for less than $2.00 a person! Order your Living Well Pressure Cooker Today!

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