Jun 21, 2010

Funny Commercial about My Rotisserie

This commercial is so funny, the fat guy says "It's so easy, even you fools could do it!" Sure hes a super bowl champion but he is missing some teeth. I thought the Living Well line was supposed to promote good health, i don't think eating all that food is very healthy for you. It sure is good though! I recommend everyone buy one, my party is just as dope!

Montel Williams on the television show "The Doctors"

I love the show "The Doctors" this is where i first learned about the electronic cigarette that just might save my life. Anyways Montel made an appearance and shows a family how to eat healthy, and show them that what they are currently eating, even though they thought it was healthy, is not health at all. Watch this family's response, and notice there children that now eat fruits and vegetables!

Jun 17, 2010

My Rotisserie Cooker by Montel Williams

This is a great way to enjoy restaurant quality rotisserie cooked food without leaving the house. Its so great tasting and juicy, my favourite to cook with this is the Rotisserie Chicken. Its great, just spice your chicken first, set it, with one of 3 of the inserts that come with the cooker, and you are ready to roll. Feed your whole family with very little work, all you need is the chicken, spices, and the My Rotisserie! This is the best rotisserie cooker i have ever used, and its very easy to setup and clean. No more messing with bulky out of date rotisseries, that are a pain to assemble and clean up....Get the best rotisserie cooker on the market. This set includes the skewers, the cooking basket, and even a dry tumbler so that you can cook fresh vegetables, or even roasted potatoes! The drip pan, and glass cover are all dishwasher safe, so it makes cleaning the Rotisserie a breeze....Its a joy to use every time. You get a free 60 days to try the Rotisserie in your home, so don't be sorry, give it a shot. This cooker costs 3 payments of $29.99 plus shipping and handling. I have one of these cookers in all of my houses, you should get at least 2 of these products....1 for you and one for a family member. Stay healthy.

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