Dec 29, 2010

Easy To Make Egg Salad Recipe with the Health Master

Quarter of peeled onion
Quarter cup of fat free mayonnaise
Two teaspoons of mustard
Four peeled hard boiled eggs
Half teaspoon of paprika
Half teaspoon of sea salt

After adding all of the ingredients of the egg salad into your Health Master, be sure to secure the lid, and set the speed to 4. Hit the pulse button 3 times. Once the egg salad is at your desired consistency it is ready to be served, or put on a sandwich. I love egg salad sandwiches. The best way I think to have them, is with a  cut of romaine lettuce, and a slice of tomato. To be extra healthy make sure to use wheat bread. This seems to keep you full for longer. The tomato is good for adding a good source of vitamin C, and the lettuce is good for vitamin B. I hope you have enjoyed this recipe I know I do!

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