Jan 31, 2011

HealthMaster Recipes: Cream of Asparagus Soup

1 bunch of cleaned asparagus
half a small diced onion
half a small diced shallot
one medium potato (quartered)
1 cup of chicken stock
half cup of milk
pepper and sea salt to taste

The first step before you start using your HealthMaster is to sauté your onions, shallots, and quartered potato in olive oil using medium heat for 5 minutes. The next step is to add chicken stock and asparagus. Bring your sauté back to the stove, bring it to a boil, then turn down to simmer for 5 more minutes. Once you have done all of this, its time to bring to the HealthMaster. Add a half cup of milk and pepper and sea salt to taste. Secure the lid, press the on button, then press the run button increasing the speed to 4 or 5 until fully pureed. I love cream of asparagus soup, and it is very healthy for you. It is a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and fiber. It is also super low in calories! Bon appetit! and stay healthy!

Jan 5, 2011

HealthMaster Recipe: Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche

Ingredients (Pie Crust)
 Cup and a half of whole wheat flour
Cup and a half of white flour
One cup of butter
Quarter of a cup of water
Teaspoon of salt

Add flour and butter to your HealthMaster. Next add the cold butter. Make sure you secure your lid, and press the on button. Set your speed to 1, and start pulsing repeatedly while using the tamper stick through the top of the lid. Next add water and salt. Now keep pulsing repeatedly while using the tamper again until dough is fully mixed. Dust rolling surface with flour for the dough before emptying the dough out onto the counter, so that it does not stick. Do the same to the rolling pin that your using. Remove the dough from the HealthMaster and dust it with a bit of flour so that it keeps a good consistency and does not fall apart. Now with the rolling pin roll the dough into a circle that is about 12 inches in diameter. For easier transfer of the dough onto your baking dish roll the dough over the rolling pin gently, and roll it onto your dish using the rolling pin. Press the dough so that there is no cracks or holes, and make sure to flute, or crimp the edges (like a pie).

Ingredients (Filling)
Half bunch of broccoli
5 eggs
2 cups of milk
cup of cheddar cheese
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
cayenne pepper and onion powder (optional)

Add all of the above ingredients into the HealthMaster and secure the lid. Press the on button and pulse until the broccoli is all in chunks. Now pour the quiche batter into the pie crust. Stick quiche in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes, or until golden brown. There you have it! Great and healthy quiche using all natural ingredients and it is very tasty!

HealthMaster Recipe: Ham and Cheddar Omelette

4 fresh egg whites
2 whole eggs and a quarter cup of water
2 scallions
4 ounce chunk of ham
4 ounce chunk of cheddar cheese
add sea salt and pepper to taste (this can be done afterwards)

Add all of the above ingredients into your HealthMaster. Make sure you secure the lid. Turn on the machine, and increase the speed to 4. Now press the pulse button repeatedly until it looks like it has blended enough. Make sure not to over blend, unless thats how you like your omelette. Now go get a skillet and spray it with a non-stick spray like Pam. After you have prepared the skillet pour the omelette into it, and cook it with a medium heat. When you are done with cooking the ham omelette, slide the omelette from the skillet on to a plate that is garnished with some fresh fruits! This is a great and healthy way to start your day!

Jan 3, 2011

HealthMaster Recipes: Puréed Peas or Baby Food

2 cups of steamed fresh or frozen peas
half cup of the remaining water from steaming (or just water for frozen peas)

First thing you need to do is add all of the above ingredients into the HealthMaster food emulsifier. Next important step is to make sure the lid is secured and closed. Now press the on button and then press the run button. Increase the speed to 6 until well blended. Make sure the peas are well pureed for babies. Here is a tip if you are interested fill up an ice tray with the result and freeze it for storing the baby food. These peas are loaded with vitamins and minerals to keep your baby healthy!

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