Feb 17, 2011

Easy and Quick Herb Roasted Tomatoes Recipe

 10-12 Roma Tomatoes
2 tbsp Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 cloves of garlic (if you like garlic)
1 tbsp rosemary
1 tbsp sage
1 tbsp thyme
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat the oven at 350 degrees. Get a baking sheet and cut the tomatoes in half long ways. If you want you could core the tomato by scooping out all of the seeds in the middle. This is not required, some people like to leave the seeds to have even more flavor. Either way is fine. Cut up and throw in the garlic cloves along with the tomatoes on the baking sheet. Now take your olive oil and drizzle it on top of all the tomatoes and garlic clove pieces. Make sure you get it on all the tomatoes so that the herbs you add stick to the tomatoes beautifully. When you are done drizzling your tomatoes sprinkle on all of your herbs on top of all the tomatoes. Sprinkle as much salt and pepper as you like to taste, go easy on the salt...it's bad for you. Now add the baking sheet to the oven for about 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, turn off the oven, and leave the tomatoes in there for an additional 45 minutes, so that it cooks in the existing heat. Now you are ready to enjoy your tomatoes. Tomatoes are a great way to prevent heart disease. This is a very healthy dinner, that is very easy to make, and it tastes great!

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