Feb 7, 2011

Feel Like Your Aging Too Fast Apricots Can Help!

Concerned that you are looking a little more old than you used to? Are you noticing more and more wrinkles on your face? Are you starting to get some liver spots on your hands and spider veins? Well then you might just need to add a bit more apricots to your diet. Apricots have loads of antioxidants or carotenoids. Cartenoids are a very important and special antioxidant, that helps lower your bad cholesterol, and is even proven to help prevent cancer and heart disease. This is great for the body, and a lot of us don't get enough in our regular diet. Don't throw out the seeds just yet either....The seeds are said to help with a real bad cough, or other problems with the respiratory system. Don't eat more than 5 seeds in one day though because it might mess with your urinary tract and digestive system. If you are trying to reverse the aging process then apricots might just be what the doctor ordered. If you need to get more apricots in your diet and you don't know how, a great way is to always keep some dried apricots close. That way when you are on the road traveling, or at your desk working, or even at the gym, you can pop those dried apricots like raisins, or candy. They are so great tasting too when you add them to cereal. Speaking of breakfast if you want another great way to eat them get the apricot preserves in an apricot jam or jelly. You can find it in the jelly section of your super market. I hope this helps you stay healthy and fine your own personal fountain of youth. I have always loved apricots, and now they can help you live longer. I won't stop eating them anytime soon!

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