Feb 15, 2011

The Healing Power of Music

Most people when they are sick they take many trips to different doctors and specialists trying to figure out whats wrong with them. Sometimes the solution to your problem is a lot easier than you think. It has been proven that sometimes there is no better way to stimulate all your senses and emotions than music. It has even been proven that classical music helps plants grow. Pregnant mothers that are sick or are having a rough pregnancy found that listening to music has really helped them with anxiety, and complications in their pregnancy. This is because it is good for their child too. They also have fewer physiological responses associated with different types of labor pains. It is also a great way to sooth a child after it has been born. Scientists are still figuring out just how powerful the power of music really is. Music is a very powerful tool in altering our moods and soothing our psyche. I think this is just another thing that our ancient ancestors would do that we some how lost touch with. Not all types of music are good for you and sooth the soul. Try listening to feel good music like classical, or even some great classics such as "Bill Withers - Lean on Me", or "Elton John - Tiny Dancer". It is a common mistake that many people that like listening to rock music, heavy metal, and rap or hip/hop start cranking it up to 11 and think they are going to feel better. That kind of music might help if you like it, but generally speaking it won't have any health benefits to those around you. Bob Marley is another great artist that is good to listen to when you are feeling blue. Remember music is a great alternative to anti-depressant medicines, and other forms of medicine that have to do with pain. You would be surprised how much music can alter your mood if you listen to the right song. When I say listen to the right song, I mean listening to the song that is right for you. People that have recovered from cancer will tell you, music is something they enjoy, and you should too. Next time you are feeling down in the dumps, or sick, try turning up a great song that you haven't listened to in a while. See if that makes you feel better, before you start shoving pills down your throat.

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