Feb 9, 2011

How to Avoid Getting Sick on Airplane Flights

It is easy to get sick when being on an airplane. Especially when you have to sit on the plane for many hours. Many people feel motion or air sickness quickly. Don't fall victim to these feelings. No one wants to ruin the first day of their trip in the hotel room feeling miserable or embarrassed about throwing up in front of everyone on a flight to Europe. Here are some tips to help you get rid of that dreaded air sickness feeling so that you may enjoy your flight and read a book, or watch a movie instead of feeling miserable. You don't have to be sick every time you go on an airplane. Here are some tips...
  1. If you get air sickness or motion sickness easily, and you know you could potentially get sick, then do a little preparation and bring along a ginger tea bag. Most airlines don't carry ginger tea, but this is a great way to help with the nausea. You can also get ginger from capsules sold at whole foods stores. If you forget to bring ginger with you on the flight, you can always ask for ginger ale. Of course, I would rather have the tea or capsule, so that you can get a sufficient amount of ginger to combat the nausea. The sugar in ginger ale, along with the carbonation could make your nausea worse, but it is better than nothing.
  2. Before you go on your flight make sure you don't eat anything with a high amount of sugar or carbohydrates. This tends to speed up your blood pressure, and give you an adrenaline rush, which can trigger a panic attack, and a feeling of air or motion sickness. If you want a snack before or during the flight make sure what you eat is high in protein with some low-carbohydrate vegetables. That will help to calm your digestive system.
  3. Another good remedy for nausea and motion or air sickness is peppermint oil. You can't bring peppermint oil on the flight with you now a days because of the new regulations on most airlines having to do with bottled liquids, so another way to get peppermint is by buying gum, or getting some peppermint Life Savers.
  4. If you can ask for some crushed ice. This is a great way to settle your stomach and dilute any acid that could be causing the feelings of nausea.
  5. Some people have found that having a window seat makes them feel more calm. However, others feel they get more claustrophobic when they sit next to the window. Make sure you know what seat makes you more comfortable before the flight, and try to book a seat that makes you comfortable and less liable to panic. If you do get claustrophobic easily then make sure to get an aisle seat. So that you can move around the cabin when you feel closed in. Take a trip to the lavatory even if you don't have to go. It helps with the claustrophobic feelings.
  6. When you first start to feel sick make sure you take a half of a nutmeg and place it under your tongue. This has wonderful stabilizing and calming effects. When it is placed under the tongue like that it helps enter your blood stream faster. You would be surprised on how effective this is.
  7. When you sit down the first thing you should do is point your air vent directly at your face. This extra oxygen will definitely help you alleviate any feelings of nausea you may have.
I hope these tips help you have a more enjoyable flight both going to your destination and coming home. Remember a lot of these tips have to do with preparing. When you go to a flight prepared, you are less likely to get sick. Happy Traveling! Have a safe trip!

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