Feb 20, 2011

How To Make a Bloody Mary More Healthy

Bloody Marys are not that good for you. They come loaded with tons of calories and a high amount of sodium. I have learned great ways to make your bloody Mary more healthy and I would like to share some of those ways with you. You can enjoy Bloody Marys, just make sure you prepare them the right way or you could be killing yourself slowly (just kidding, but they aren't as great for you as you think). Its already bad enough it has alcohol in it....oh who are we kidding thats the best part! At least if you make it more healthy you won't feel so guilty about it.
  • Stay away from store bought mixes. Make your own tomato juice if you can. You can also find some tomato juice that has no added salt or sodium. This is key. The salt, and chile salt powder like Lucas (if you add those) are more than enough salt already. Those bloody mary mixes that they sell at Kroger and other stores like HEB, comes with loads of unnecessary sodium, and some times they have loads of sugar. Making your own tomato juice is really your best bet.
  • Don't just add celery as a garnish. Get creative, if you have your own juicer or emulsifier, you can even juice all the vegetables together along with the tomato juice. I have heard of people adding things like asparagus, broccoli, spinach, and even okra. Trust me it will taste great, and it makes the drink way more healthy for you, by giving you more of your daily serving of vegetables.
  • Adding more veggies is the obvious way to make it more healthy, but something you probably haven't thought of is to add more protein. Some cubes of cheese are good for this also shrimp, bacon, or crab meat. Those all go well with your new bloody mary concoction. Add what sounds good to you, no sense in ruining your drink with ingredients you don't like. The key here is to drink it, and maybe even drink a lot of it! While being responsible of course.
  • Here is one I bet you haven't heard...Instead of using Vodka, use the Asian alcohol called Shochu. This tastes almost exactly like Vodka, except it has way less calories. No alcohol is good for you, but moderation, and occasional drinking is good for anybodies spirit! The less calories the better!
I hope these tips help you have a nice healthy bloody mary that you can enjoy with all of your friends. I hope your next party is a smash thanks to your new healthy bloody mary recipe. Trust me they will be a hit at any party. People won't even be able to tell that you made them a healthy version! This is good for the body and soul. Have fun! Remember to drink responsibly. Cheers!

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