Feb 11, 2011

Tips on How To Make Your Own First Aid Kit

The process of making a first aid kit is very important. You could always buy a complete first aid kit, but sometimes the family or people you are traveling with might have special needs such as, asthma inhalers, or allergy shots. This is why you may want to consider making a first aid kit for yourself, and for the use of your family. Walgreens and Walmart both sell first aid kits, but I think what they come with is really unsatisfactory. You want to be prepared for the worst case scenario, that way you won't start to panic in a survival situation. Remember no one knows the future, it is always good to be prepared. Here are some tips for creating your own first aid kit...
  1. Select a small bag that will be easy to carry around, and also lightweight. You don't want to be carrying around a bulky first-aid bag. Remember that if you are traveling with this first-aid kit on an airplane, seal everything in zip-lock baggies.
  2. Make sure you only carry the most basic of medical supplies. No use adding pointless make-up and other things that won't help you survive alone. Some things that would be a good idea are bandages, gauze, neosporin, antiseptic wash, medical tape, anesthetic spray or lotion, iodine, and even ace bandages. Other lightweight medical items that you can think of might also be a good idea. The more you have the better, just make sure you would need it in a survival situation if you get hurt. Also, make sure it fits in the bag you selected. The idea here is to get all the items to fit in one bag. Tylenol pain reliever is also always a good idea. Never know when you might be in pain, or even have a hangover. Tylenol could really help your day. Especially if there will be no stores around to purchase some if you get a really bad headache.
  3. You might want to keep some other must have items in there like charcoal tablets, allergy shots (if you have allergies) and other medication that might be prescribed by your doctor in case of emergency. They also sell mini snake bite kits, that you might also be able to squeeze inside there. Snake bites are a big deal, and a kit just might save your life.
  4. Last thing you should do is have 2 distinct sections, one section for the very basic of medical supplies, and the other, with doctor prescribed medications. That way your not rummaging through your kit in an emergency situation.
This should help you have a great time wherever your going, without having to worry if there is a drug store close by. Be prepared, that is the cub scout motto, and for good reason. Don't be caught somewhere in the wilderness without being prepared. Make your own first aid kit today and be sure to be safe on your next trip, wherever it may be. If you think I left anything out please post it in the comments. Thank you.

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