Mar 2, 2011

How to Make Your Own Great Tasting Protein Shake

1 cup of water
20 grams of your favorite protein powder
6-8 cubes of ice
half a cup of oatmeal

Protein is essential for everyones body. Especially if you are working out regularly. First thing you need to do is fill up the blender with a cup of water. Next go ahead and add about 6 ice cubes, depending on the size of your ice cubes. If you have smaller ice cubes you might want to add more. The best thing to do is crush the ice first, this way it doesn't splash protein powder, and oatmeal everywhere which would make it harder to get your blender clean. Once the ice cubes are blended into the water, go ahead and add your 20 grams of protein powder, and your half a cup of oatmeal. Start your blender on the slow setting for about 15 seconds, and then increase the speed of your blender to the max setting slowly, and let it blend for 30 more seconds. This helps reduce the splashing of the ingredients everywhere. Now you have a great tasting protein shake that you can have anytime. The oatmeal is wonderful for the slow release of energy to you throughout your day. This is a great tasting protein shake that is great to have every morning. Enjoy!

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