Apr 27, 2011

How to Make Low Fat Nachos

Everyone loves nachos. They are a great snack when you want to watch the big game, or just enjoy a movie. Nachos that people usually make contain a lot of fat due to the cheese, avocado, and even sour cream in some cases. Today I am going to show you how to make great tasting nachos that are both healthy and delicious.

Half of an 8oz bag of low-fat cheese (2% milk preferably)
1/4th cup of sour cream
1 small tomato
half of a green or red pepper (whichever you like, or both!)
hot salsa
half of a small onion (optional)
half of a can of black olives (optional)
1 fresh jalapeño pepper (optional)
1 bag of blue corn chips, or low-fat tortilla chips
1 large baking sheet covered completely in foil

Once your baking sheet is covered in foil completely put as many chips as you can that cover the baking sheet so that no foil is exposed. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Now is the time to cut up the onion, tomato, olives, and jalapeño into little pieces. Place them evenly over all of the chips. Now cover all of the chips with your low-fat cheese. Make sure on this step you are using low-fat cheese I have found that the no fat cheese comes out a little stringy, and they aren't as tasty. Add as much cheese as you like, just don't add the whole bag, remember we are using low-fat so using the whole bag defeats the purpose. Now that your oven is preheated its time to add your nachos into your oven. They should cook very fast (about 5 minutes) and what your looking for is that the cheese will get gooey. If the cheese looks like it is real dry, or your chips are turning brown, take them out quick, because this is a sign that you are cooking them too long. All ovens are different. Once your nachos have been the oven for 5 minutes and the cheese looks nice and gooey your nachos are ready! Remove the nachos from the oven and make sure you let them sit out for a few minutes so you don't burn yourself. Now you can add your sour cream on top of the nachos, and they are ready to eat. If you want you can move the nachos to a plate or a platter before adding the sour cream. Just use the foil to move the nachos from the baking sheet to a platter or large plate. Enjoy your fat free nachos! This is a great snack, that isn't as bad for you as regular nachos and you and your children can have fun making them too. Remember get creative with the ingredients, just because I like olives doesn't mean everyone does, substitute it for something else you do like on your nachos. Try to keep away from  the avocados, they are very high in fat.

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