Feb 26, 2012

8 Simple Ways To Prevent From Getting Motion Sickness

Do you struggle with motion sickness? I have a real problem with getting motion sick when I'm on boats. The smaller the boat the worse it is. I recently went out fishing with my father and I really got sick from some of the movements that little boat was doing. I have come with with simple ways to prevent from getting motion sick since it has become such a problem for me. I have tried wristbands, drugs, and different things that claim to work. None of them actually do, at least not for me. This is why I have come up with my own ways to combat this problem. Motion sickness is caused by disorientation from your head movements. It can happen while you are moving in any situation. It just so happens to affect me whle im traveling.

Here are the ways I use to prevent from getting sick while I am traveling either by plane, or by boat...

  1. Try to keep your eyes on the horizon. One of the worst things you can do is focus on something inside the boat or plane. Try not to read if you are already feeling sick.
  2. Try to sit in the front seat of a car. Try to avoid sitting in the back as much as possible. Also don't sit in a seat that is backwards.
  3. Do not smoke cigarettes. I know if your a smoker it sounds like a good idea. Trust me it's never a good idea, especially if you are feeling like you want to lose your lunch.
  4. Turn any available air vents towards your face. Trust me it helps.
  5. Try not to turn your head to quickly you don't want to do any movements too quick. Keep it slow, try not to do any twisting and whipping your head around.
  6. Do not look at or try to talk to another traveler while you are feeling sick. Chances are they don't feel sick and the motions of their body might make you feel worse. Concentrate my friend.
  7. Try to avoid changes in position as much as possible.
  8. Rest your head against your seat back to try to reduce as much movement as possible.
I hope those tips will help you next time you are traveling. I have found that it is more of a mind over matter type of thing, and I have learned to deal with my motion sickness pretty well over the years. Give my tricks a shot and I promise you will have a good trip, try not to think about it. Have fun. Leave a comment and let me know your experiences with motion sickness.

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