Feb 26, 2012

Signs You or Someone You Love Might Be Hearing Impaired

No one likes being told they can't hear anymore. No one wants to wear a hearing aid. The fact is so many people go without hearing everything and they don't even know it. Some people that have trouble hearing feel like they are all alone on an island with no one to talk to. It is extremely hard to be in social situations and attend parties with background noise, and you can't even understand what people are saying. Many people have issues with this. There are many ways you can help someone you love by seeing the warning signs of hearing impairment and maybe save them or you some grief. Here are some easy ways that you can tell someone is having trouble hearing.

Repetition Required
Do they need to have things repeated often? Are they constantly asking if something should be repeated over and over again. Sometimes even after repeated they still didn't hear what is said, but are acting like they did. This can be highly depressing to anyone that is going through this. Give them strength!

Conversations are difficult
Conversations for the hearing impaired can be extremely difficult. Just imagine how hard it is to hear 3 people talking at once at a social gathering when you can hear everything perfectly, that is not easy in itself. The hearing impaired have even more of a difficult time and it is very hard for them to engage in conversation.

Responses are out of context
When responses don't pertain to the conversation you know someone is hearing impaired. Most of the time people blow this off or don't realize it. If you are on the look out you can help someone that is hearing impaired get some help.

I hope this helps you spot someone that is hearing impaired. No one should be forced to live when they can't hear what is going on around them. This happens to more people than you think. It is nothing to be ashamed about. Love and light.

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