Feb 28, 2012

Toxic Mercury: How to Keep Your Family Safe

We all know that mercury is extremely toxic to human beings, however you would be surprised in the places you can find it in. When you are over exposed to mercury it is close to impossible to detect the symptoms because there are very few of them until it is too late. Before doctors knew the danger of mercury exposure they were treating syphilis patients with the dangerous metal. Also, hat makers would use mercury when making hats. That is where the term "Mad Hatter" originated. I guess they went a little crazy...

People know about the obvious ways you can be exposed to mercury. I want to talk about 4 ways that you can be exposed that no one talks about. Why does no one talk about this? Some of these things are covered up for private interests. One thing is for sure this blog is about health, and real facts this needs to be included in our arsenal of helpful, and healthy information.
  1. Did you know that dental amalgam has mercury in it? It sure does. This could be in your mouth, but it is not the only way we come in contact with dental amalgam. It is also found in sewage sludge. Something to remember if you are around sewage all day, or come in contact with it often.
  2. Coal factories that burn coal emit mercury into the air, and it even collects on top of bodies of water (both big and small) and can even expose fish and other animal life to mercury. It is not a good idea to be over exposed to these coal burning places.
  3. Anywhere people get cremated, there is a mercury emission that is sent out from their out gassing methods. This is something that people don't talk about, it is however pure fact.
  4. There is a preservative used in many modern "new" vaccines (including the h1n1 vaccine) that is called "Thimerosol" this chemical found in vaccines contains mercury. This is also rarely talked about.
I hope this has helped you understand other ways that you could be exposed to mercury that aren't often talked about. I assume the reason why these things are not talked about is because of private interests. If you live around places such as these, or are afraid of over exposure, the best thing to do is move. People will lie to you all day and say that things like this are safe. Are you willing to take that chance?

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