Jul 19, 2013

Dancing is the Best Workout and It's Good For the Soul

People always want to know what the best workout is to lose weight, or the diet pill that's going to help them lose weight. I have said many times on this site that there is no magic diet pill, and most weight loss workout DVDs are a waste of money. Want the best tip anyone can give you? Dance like no body is in the room. Dance your heart out. Sweat, feel good, and don't stop.

Just so you know you can burn more calories dancing than you can swimming, biking, or even running. Of course this all depends on what dance your doing and just how hard you're doing it. Many people don't like to dance because they feel embarrassed. If you are one of those people then dance at home. Watch YouTube instructional videos, whatever will make you feel comfortable. Maybe once you feel more comfortable dancing alone, and dancing right you won't feel so embarrassed dancing in public. Also remember that just because dancing is the best workout it doesn't mean you should go drink 6 cranberry and vodkas and go dancing at your favorite bar. That kind of defeats the purpose and after all drinking alcohol while you are trying to burn calories is probably a bad idea. Take it one step at a time, do some research and most of all have fun. The more fun you have, the more likely you are to do it on a daily basis. Learn new dances, try different genres of music, and see what gets you sweating the most. Dancing also increases strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility plus so much more.

Dancing has been done by mankind since ancient times. There is something very primal about it and somehow when you stomp your feet on the ground to the rhythm of the music it connects you to the Earth. This can stir up feelings of happiness, gratitude and even sexuality with your dance partner. These things are definitely something you want to keep in mind. Don't be one of those people that sits in the corner while everyone is having fun by simply saying "I don't know how to dance". This is mostly your fault. There are no rules, hell you don't even need instruction. Go out there and let the music move you. The more movement the better. It doesn't matter if you look crazy, you can only get better from here. Have fun and let loose. Dancing is also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Also when you are done with your night of dancing it's also a great sleep aid. Now go out and let the music move you! Have fun!


  1. Dancing really is a great workout! I love to do the Zumba dance class at my gym. It's so fun that you don't even feel like you're working out, but you can still get great results. If you've never been to Zumba before, I highly suggest it!


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