Jul 18, 2013

How to Make Food Taste Even Better - What Kind of Silverware Do You Use?

So you just got off of work and your fixing to eat dinner...Do you use plastic utensils such as a plastic fork, knife, or a spoon? New research studies have found that the type of silverware you use could actually be effecting your taste buds. Plastic forks and spoons are great to use because you won't have to do the dishes, and many people have used them on a daily basis so that they can keep their silverware clean for when they have company. This might just be a bad idea. Now that I think about it, it makes a lot of sense too. For example have you ever noticed that sodas taste better out of an actual glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle or a can? Is this why wine connoisseurs always prefer crystal glasses? 

What is it about glass, silver and crystal that makes our taste buds work better? Scientists are trying to figure it out. The study in many ways still being conducted by "Flavour Journal" and the University of Oxford. It is not just the materials that we consume with though, it is also has to do with weight, color, and the actual type of the utensil. It also has to do with what you are eating off of.  Researchers at the University of Oxford have found that eating popcorn from a blue colored bowl makes it taste saltier and more buttery, then popcorn eaten from a white bowl. Even though its the same popcorn from the same batch. They have also found that the saltiness is stronger on a piece of cheese when eaten straight off of a plastic knife, instead of a toothpick or fork.

Now you have a new experiment to try on your next snack break, or before your next big home cooked meal. Change it up a little bit, your taste buds just might thank you. Enjoy!

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