Aug 28, 2015

Health News: Rage Room Opened in Toronto Facility for People with High Stress and Anxiety To Break Random Things…

imageOne entrepreneur in Toronto has been thinking outside the box in terms of people’s health and well being. His concepts are kind of well, barbaric and fundamental at the same time. Who would of thought a socially acceptable place people can go, that just want to break things. Did someone just run over your puppy? Do you want to kill them because they killed your best friend? Don’t do anything stupid, go to a rage room, and smash blenders and TVs…I guarantee you, you will tucker out eventually…and its better than downing that cheap bottle of your favorite alcoholic poison. I say it’s a win both for people looking to relieve a little stress, and that also have issues dealing with their anger. This is a great way to just let go, and smash things. Pretend its their head, pretend its your landlord’s knee caps, great.

After wards I am sure you will feel tired, sleep like a baby, and feel like a new person the next day more ready to put what's troubling you behind you, and if not, go in for another smash session after work.

I think this is a great business model for any young entrepreneur in cities and countries around the world to get the frustrations out of mankind as a whole. We don’t need a purge day, we need more Rage rooms. In fact, I wouldn’t mind booking a few hours. There is some TV’s and old Radios that don’t work no more, that I been waiting to smash. Not to mention, young business owners out there, with all the clean up after any given rage session, who knows what components might have been knocked loose that can further be recycled from old goodwill scrap that your buying as rage victims. Much of the old technology like stereos and speakers that used to be made were made with better quality components including gold on the chip boards. Especially if it was at one time a state-of-the-art product. Remember that word, state of the art? I am getting old…

*Here are some tips that I can offer you if you want to setup your own Rage Room at home. Mind you if you get hurt its on you, I will try to give you tips to keep you as safe as possible, but what you actually do in your rage room, and what your actually doing it too is all on you, be smart, and use common sense, then go crazy, not the other way around.*

Safety Check list for a Rage-Room of Your Own at a Location of Your Choice

1.) Clear the area as much as possible

What you don’t want is to be knocking all these old appliances with a sledgehammer, just so debris can fly across the room, and smash into any real working TV set you may have. That might make your rage move to another room, we don’t want that….So first and foremost, I think you should clear the room of all valuables. Next I would cover all air filters with plastic just incase you knock microscopic shards of anything airborne. That way it isn’t sucked in through any central AC to another part of the house, or even worse give your AC system issues. I know this is being extra precautions but hey its your house do what you want.

2.) Cover the carpet as much as possible with a heavy duty tarp or canopy…

This is mainly so that if anything were to have any components with a liquor or a chemical you can always roll the tarp off when your done, take it outside, and inspect for gold components, remember when moving and cleaning up debris you should always be wearing a face mask that covers your eyes, your nose and your hair. A respirator would be good to filter the air as you breathe it, trust me its better safe than sorry. Things aren’t made to be smashed in this way. Take care of yourself my friend. Your family will thank you for it.

3.) Protect Yourself as Much as Possible. All plastic rain suits like seen above are perfect

You don’t want any of this small metal and chemical debris ending up in your clothes. Remember just because you don’t see the debris doesn’t mean that it’s not there, even when you flush the toilet after you poop, microscopic poo particles fly into the air (Myth Busters reference, Discover Channel). So protect your clothing, your entire head…eyes, respirator mask, and your hair. Also wear some gloves if your going to be swinging something repeatedly, especially if you work at a job like on the movie Office Space, your hands aren’t made for smashing my friend, you will have some ugly blisters in the morning, even some batting gloves offer adequate protection, just make sure you buy one for each hand.

4.) Setup a Webcam for your Friends to watch Later or Live, Just Record it.

That way everyone is safe! Even makes for a good YouTube video Winking smile I hope you have enjoyed this read, please share with all your friends on as many social networks as possible. I appreciate your continued support of my blog! –


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