Jul 31, 2016

How to make Steamed Potato with Plastic Grocery Bag and Microwave! Tastes Just Like a Bake Potato, Without The Oven

When I lived in Texas at our house we like to keep from turning on the oven as much as possible...its just so freaking hot. I also love potatoes.When I was going to college, money was tight, so I had to figure things out in a very McGyver kind of way. I don't care how potatoes are made usually, as long as I make it. Nothing against other people's potatoes, I will definitely eat those too, I just know what I like.

What you will need:
  • Big Potato from super market, the biggest one you can find.
  • Clear plastic bag similar to a shopping bag, like a clean clear trash bag. (This is so we aren't microwaving inks and dyes with our potato.
The first thing you are going to want to do is wash the potato thoroughly. Make sure its still wet. Now grab a fork and poke holes vertically down the long side of the potatoe about 2-3 fork pokes will do. Put the potato in the plastic bag, tie a lose knot, and microwave for 8-10 minutes or until soft, you can keep checking with fork, to see if it is soft enough and, to find the right time for your specific microwave.

CAREFUL: When opening the plastic bag it is essentially steaming the potato. Inside the bag, it's contents is very hot as well as the steam coming from inside the bag, do not burn yourself. Once you find the correct time for your microwave remember it, and it won't be that much of a hassle next time. 

This is the best way to make a baked potato without an oven. Open it up, add your favorite cheese, maybe some sour creme and enjoy.

How to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

Some days are always going to be harder than others. Especially when it comes down to treating the most important person yourself. It always seems that the more healthy you want to eat, the more expensive it actually costs. Try to find a local farmers marker that may be near you, or maybe you know someone that live in the area, that does all of their own gardening. Sometimes talking to these kinds of connections will get you saving big bucks on some good home grown fruits and vegetables, without having to pay a big chain grocery store their cut, and of course without any pesticides.

If you have the room in your backyard, you may want to start giving growing a garden a shot. You will have tomatoes and cucumbers in no time at all. The best tip anyone ever told me about going shopping for food when your broke is, never go to the store shopping hungry, and never go without knowing exactly what you are going to get. Make a shopping list and stick to it! I know it is hard to stay away from the sweet stuff, but here is a good rule to follow, if it has a shelf life of over 2 years, or (like a twinkie) doesn't mold as natural bread products would, means its terrible for you. Loaded with preservatives that are made straight in a laboratory. Sure it keeps the companies bottom line high, but who knows what all these food colorings and preservatives are doing to our body in the long term.

I am not sure what your diet consists of now, but I will tell you this, you will need to buy (and eat) more greens. Even if you think you eat your daily value, or whatever the case may be, no one can ever have too much, and its essential for a healthy body, and digestive system. Try to get frozen ingredients or even fresh....stay away from the canned goods. They add too much sodium that just isn't needed, and it definitely isn't good for us. So keep it simple! Well.... Not too simple.

One of the biggest things you can remember when buying your weekly beverage is to try to keep sugar out of the mix. Especially when it comes to soda, and other artificial flavored kids drinks. If you want something refreshing that tastes good, get some fruit juice, you can cheat if you like even and get a 30/40 part fruit juice and artificial flavoring....anything is better than the bucket they pull out of that Coca-Cola syrup. 

One of the greatest tricks I ever learned when controlling my bad eating habits was to portion lets say a package of cookies into 10 smaller ziplock bags. This way whenever I wanted a cookie I was forced to grab a ziploc bag instead of the entire case of Oreos. This is a good trick for you and your family if you are trying to eat healthier. Sometimes the problem isn't what we eat its how much of it we eat. Too much of something that good, definitely can't be good for you in the long run.

Jul 29, 2016

Have you been Throwing Up, Unable to Stop, and are Looking for Answers?

I have been in and out of the ER, for upwards of 7 years now. I have had 12+ cyclic vomiting attacks, that I cannot pin point to anything. Every time this happens, I feel so dehydrated. I feel like I have been walking in the hot desert for days, and I have had nothing to drink. I feel really scared...


The only way I have found relief when this attack starts is to go immediately after not holding water for 24 hours to the Emergency Room. This is where they can give me an IV immediately, and restore fluids into my body. 4 years ago, I went to a GI doctor, and I had a colonoscopy done, a variety of other scans. I didn't have insurance at the time, so this has cost me thousands of dollars. I now have a good job, with good insurance, and thankfully a boss who understands...However, nothing was found with these scans, and I am still faced with the original problem of having these attacks every so often, and I am back at square one.

The Doctors are NO HELP, lets TROUBLESHOOT.

Step 1: Everyday foods that are NOT good for your stomach's overall health:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • Dairy Products
  • Processed Meats
  • Refined Foods
  • Artificial Colors, Sweeteners (Foods)
  • Sweets (Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup)
  • Unstable Oils in Foods
  • Allergens
Caffeine, energy drinks especially wear down the digestive lining of your stomach. Coffee also is NOT good. Try to stay away from this. I know it's going to be hard, but I am right there with you. Leave a comment on this blog, if you need help. It's a hell of a drug. Gluten is also really bad at damaging your internal digestive stomach lining. Gluten mainly consists of barley, rye, wheat, spelt, kamut, and triticale. Dairy products can create mucus and inflammation in your gut. This can be really bad for absorption and the lining of your stomach as well. Spam, cold cuts, hot dogs, and other refined meats can really mess with your flora (or good bacteria in your stomach that helps us digest foods). The point is all of these things are on this list for a reason, and understanding they are bad for our stomach, is always Step 1.

Step 2: Understand what IS good for your stomach's overall health:

  • Chicory Root
  • Probiotics (In capsule form)
  • Brassicas (Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts)
  • Jurasalem Artichokes
  • Chia Seed
  • Jicama
  • Ginger Root Capsules (For Anti-Nausea, works as effective as Zofran)
  • Nexium (Purple pill sold over the counter, after your throwing up fit, helps heal from stomach acids).
  • Flax Seed
Now all we have to do is increase our daily intake of these good things for our stomachs. Poor diet is the leading cause of all this so I hear. I have tried eating better in the past, and I still get attacks. I have just gone to the doctor again today, after I have been to the ER, and we had this discussion. Dr. Johnson was really good with his explanation, and I want to pass on what I am trying for myself. I will let you know on my progress. If you suffer from uncontrollably
throwing up, and you can't get help no matter where you go, please leave a comment I would love to hear from you. I have been dealing with this for a while off and on, and all I really want is help. Hopefully, with changes to my diet I finally have my answer heres hoping...

Step 3: Setup a vitamin/supplement plan that really works for you

  • Multivitamins are good, but eating better is, well, better. When taking vitamins and supplements you shouldn't be looking for a one stop shop, instead, look for vitamins and minerals that you are deficient in based on your diet. For example, if you eating a vegan diet, it would probably be a good idea to drink protein shakes. So that you can have a good daily intake. 
  • Here is what I am currently taking that helps with my stomach: Nexium (for stomach acid balance, post throwing up attack.), Ginger capsules, Floragen (Probiotic capsules), and Zofran for the anti-nausea. My doctor has said that Ginger can be just as effective as Zofran. I believe that's the most honest thing any doctor has ever told me, and it works.
  • Remember to refer to the good things for your stomach I have listed above, those have plenty of what you need. Find balance. Don't over do anything. Not for at least a month after you have had a throwing up attack.

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